Robyn Von Swank - Los Angeles, California.


CALL: (323) 354-5096

A Photographer since childhood, Robyn Von Swank grew up in the Pacific Northwest and moved to Los Angeles in 2006. She found her community at The Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where she Photographed many of the comedians performing there, both in candid, behind-the-scenes moments and in hilarious and intricately conceived portrait sessions. Robyn’s work at UCB has since led her to specialize in photographing promotional materials and ad campaigns for film, television, entertainment, and most recently field work documentation with scientists. It’s Robyn’s ability to visually interpret and capture stories, moods, and atmospheres that excites her most about this area of Photography. For Robyn, exploration is at the heart of her craft. She continually pushes herself to discover innovative aspects of the medium. Ultimately it’s the relationships she forms with her clients that Robyn finds most rewarding. She’s fascinated with what makes people tick and why individuals believe and value the things that they do. Working with these qualities in her clients and subjects, Robyn is able to manifest them into visually striking images that not only tell a story, but also create a unique world.

Robyn (IG @vonswank) currently resides in Los Angeles, California with her tiny canine companion, Professor Winston T. Gravy, (IG @winstontgravy). Together they enjoy cooking, reading about science, and traveling the world on thrilling expeditions.

She strongly dislikes arugula and thinks it should be treated like an herb, not an entire base for a salad.